Oct 28, 2014

Funny Roller Coaster Whatsapp Joke: Extra Excitement

If u want to have some extra excitement during a roller coaster ride, carry few nuts n bolts wid u..
Let d coaster reach d max height..
Den tap d person infrnt of u n say "ye aapki seat se nikle hai"

Oct 24, 2014

English Funny Whatsapp Jokes Collection 24 Oct 2014

Some girls while driving cars play inky pinky ponky so that they can locate the brakes correctly
Alok Nath:Baccho office ke liye tayyar ho jaao.
Vivek,Prem,Vinod: Haan,bas 32 minute dijiye ek gaana gaa le saare pariwar aur kutte ke saath
Normal Guys: '36 ayegi 36 Jayegi But Meri Wali
To Meri Mummy Hi Laegi'

 Reality : 'Bas Aap Meri Gf Ban Jao,Chaho To Recharge Karwa Diya Karunga' 

Me: 'Ek Bhi Nahi Aayi To 36 Kaha Se Aayegi,Meri
Wali To Meri Mummy Bhi Nahi La Paygi Smart Hu,Khud Dhoon Kar Launga Mai Docomo 2g Use Karta Hu,Uska Kya Ghanta recharge Karwaunga 

Oct 22, 2014

English Whatsapp Statuses Collection 22 Oct 2014

I am not saying I am the best. I only know that I am doing my best to be the best.
People with attitude are rich by pocket but poor by heart 
STATUS are meant for WINNERS Not for LOSSER 
Born with winner Quality's 
When you think there is nothing left in your life,just keep working hard until you die :)