Alia Bhatt Funny Whatsapp Jokes Collection 29 Aug 2014

Alia Bhatt Funny Whatsapp Jokes Collection 29 Aug 2014

Died Laughing....

100 metre ki race ho rahi thi...

Referee said '1,2,3 GO!'...

Everybody started running except Alia bhatt.

Referee - y r u not running...?

Alia - My number is 4


SBI Bank: Humara bank aapko bina interest ke loan de raha hai....

Alia bhat: 

Agar dene mein interest hi nahi hai to kyu de rahe ho? Nahi chahiye....


Once there was a mirror that killed anyone who lied..
FRENCH : I think I dont smoke (died)

AMERICAN : I think I love my wife (died)

ALIA BHATT: I think.. (died)

Alia bhatt and varun dhawan are walking on a road, and they find a 1000 rupee note lying down.
Alia - what should we do now?
Varun- we'll take 50:50.
Alia- what about the remaining 900?

Alia Bhatt: Let's go for movie .
Varun: Shit, I've got a doctor's appointment today..

Alia Bhatt: Just cancel it,Tell him you're sick.

 Alia reading newspaper..

"Indian athlete lost gold medal in long jump"

Aalia comments:
Idiot !!
Who told him to wear gold medal while jumping..!!!

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