Funny Whatsapp Messages Collection 27 Jan 2014

Funny Whatsapp Messages Collection 27 Jan 2014

Three guys proposed a Girl

First Guy : I can die for you.
Girl : Everyone says that.

Second Guy : I can bring you a star from the sky.
Girl: Old dialogue.

Third Guy : I can give you my Facebook password, switch off my BBM and deactivate my Whatsapp

Girl (tears in eyes) : Paagal ... Itna pyar karta hai mere se......
Rulayga kya...!!!!

I typed MARRIED it was auto corrected to MARTYRED ..
So then I typed SHAADI it auto corrected to SHAHEED ..
Damn !!! These smart phones have gained too much intelligence .

Earlier people used to remove their hats to give respect

our new generation
head phones
to give respect!

What is similarity between the Indian Govt. And Pakistan Govt.....?
Both don't care for INDIANS...!!! 
Husband was throwing knives on wife's photo.

All were missing the target!

Suddenly he received a call from her "hi, what r u doing?"

His honest reply,

 "MISSING u!" 
India is running on trial and error........

Error was congress and now trial will be BJP 
Its damn funny when a wife thinks she is punishing her husband by not talking to him for days. 
SINDHI  bhai opened Sweets shop & gave an advertisement...!
Helper required..

Qualification:-  Must have diabetes! 
ALL Happy Husbands Behave Like Amir Khan In Ghajini -
Biwi Ki Sunte Hain,
Samajhte Hain,
15 Minute Ke Baad Sab BhooL  Jaate Hain...                                       __________________________________                                         __________________________________ 

Parlok mein rajiv gandhi ko achanak hansi aa gai,
indira gandhi ne puchha: kya hua?
Rajiv: sonia se shadi maine ki par bhugat manmohan singh raha hai.!

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