Mar 20, 2014

Very Funny Adult WhatsApp Joke: One Girl Won 5 Crore Lottery

One girl won 5 Crore lottery

Company thought girl will die of shock if she comes to know suddenly, so they told her best friend Raju to break the news to her
'Inform her .. In such a way ... So that she doesn't die of shock'

Raju  went and started... Assume U get 1 Crore ki Lottery ? What will you do?
Girl: I will strip Nude in front of you
Raju : Agar 2 Crore ki Nikle to 
Ladki ; U can fuck  me as many times U want...
Raju : agar 5 Crore ki Lottery mile to 
Ladki : I will suck your cock day and Night .... You can fuck me in the back too ..And ... I will Give you half the money ...

Bhosdike Raju hi khushi se marr gaya. 😂😅