Mar 31, 2014

Funny Adult WhatsApp Joke: The Upset Akshit Goes To A Sex Therapist

An upset akshit Goes to a Sex Therapist.

Akshit: Doc, u Gotta help me. Please!

Doc: Sure Dude. Wats ur problem?

Akshit: It goes like this.
Every Morning I get up&give my wife Hot Sex.
Then leave for office.

I give a lift to my girlfriend, while going to Office, she gives me an amazing blowjob.

While in office, After lunch I give My secretary a Quickie behind My table doggy style.

After I finish Work, I have steamy sex with a Callgirl whom I order everyday.

While Returning home from office I bang girlfrnd in my car.

While at home, I Fuck my wife till she Is half Dead.

After Dinner she gives a nice blow job to finish of My Day.

Doc: Well u Seem 2 have an Amazing sex life. I dont see any problem.

Akshit: There is a problem Doc.

Its paining when I Masturbate at Midnight.

Doctor- bhag madar choddd....!!!!!!